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iNCEB2009 Author Instructions

Paper Submission
All manuscripts must be prepared according to the guideline that is provided by the conference. Each submitted paper must include a title, the names and addresses of all authors (including email addresses), and the body. The length of submitted papers must be no more than 8 pages. All papers must be submitted electronically via the conference website. Each paper will be exposed to full blind peer review. It is absolutely essential that you follow the instructions. Papers submitted via other means will not be considered.

iNCEB2009 Templates

Templates The following style files and templates are available for users of Microsoft Word:

  • Word 2000/2003 Sample, a template of correct formatting and font used.
  • Pdf Sample, a template of correct formatting and font used.

  • iNCEB2009 General Guidelines

    General guidelines to improve the contents of your final paper for iNCEB2009. Please take note of these comments before writing your paper

  • If your paper describes a method or a technique, always give example of the use of that method or technique. If possible, include (references to) empirical evidence that your method or technique works the way it is supposed to.

  • If your paper describes an application example, always point out the methods and techniques you used to get the results that are described in the paper. Add screen dumps if possible. Literature references might be sufficient.

  • Give an indication of the current stage your work of research is in. Is it still preliminary? Is there a commercially available product on the market? Is your work being applied by others or in other domains?

  • Start your paper with a brief abstract. Do not include material in the abstract that will not be described in the paper.

  • Always indicate the novel aspects that will be covered in the paper with respect to earlier work of yourself and of others. In what way does your contribution differ from what has been done before?

  • Make sure your introduction is appropriate. An introduction should give the general background for your research, references to general literature, and the subject for interested readers.

  • Make sure your literature references are correct, and up-to-date. Others will use your paper to find more information on the subject your paper is about. Do not only use your own reference, but also refer to work done by others.

  • End your paper with conclusions and further research and recommendations. Your conclusions must be based on the material that can be found in the paper!

  • If you are not a native English speaker, have you English corrected before you send in your final paper. If the use of the English language is below standards, your paper might be rejected.

  • Make sure your paper is confirmed with the norms as set out in the author instructions (2 column, first page, footnotes, etc.).