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iNCEB2009 Conference Theme

The Conference Theme of iNCEB2009 is
"Taming Business Crisis with Mobility and Green IT Eco-systems"

The list of topics of interest includes (but not limited to)

e-Business Process Aspects
Strategic and International Issues in e-Business
e-Marketing and e-Advertising Technologies
e-Business Process Modeling, Integration, and Monitoring
Transaction and Workflow Management
Electronic Data Interchange
XML for e-Business, Enterprise Application Integration
Service Oriented Architecture, Interoperability

Intelligent e-Business System
Data and Knowledge Engineering in e-Business
Information Retrieval and Web Search Techniques
Information Integration and Mediation
Data Warehouse, Data Mining & Knowledge Recovery
Web Data Visualization
Multimedia Data Issues & Stream Processing
Natural Language Processing

Ubiquitous Services, Location based Service
e-Game and e-Entertainment, Telemetric

e-Supply Chain Management & e-Logistics
Collaborative e-Business, Formation of Supply Chains
Coalition, Virtual Enterprises, Supply Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning
e-Transportation and Distribution

e-Customer Relationship Management
Web Site Monitoring, Customer Behavior
Web Usage Mining
e-Negotiation and e-Contracting
e-Auction Mechanisms
Bidding and e-Negotiation Technologies

e-Security & Audit Management
Collaborative Filtering
Web Personalization
Intelligent User Interface

e-Legal & Laws
Intellectual Property Rights
e-Trust (Privacy Issues in e-Business)

Pricing and Metering On-Demand Services

e-Business Design and Developments
Web Services Computing, P2P Computing
Grid Computing for e-Business
e-Project Management, e-Quality Control

e-Strategy, e-Policy, e-Democracy
e-Voting, e-Society, e-Taxation, e-Service
e-Government Knowledge

Applications, Case Studies & Best Practices in e-Business
e-Banking, e-Tourism, e-Healthcare, e-Tailing
e-Learning, e-Training, e-KM, e-University
Web 2.0

Virtual Organization, Virtual World, Digital Content, IT Service Science, Cashless Society and any other related topic